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The USA Student Advisory TESL Certification Specialist 160 Hr Online

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The USA Student Advisory TESL Specialist 160 Hr Certification course is crafted to be easy to follow and equip you to swiftly teach an "English as a second language" (ESL) class. Upon completing this course, you will possess a solid grasp of the essentials needed to deliver high-quality instruction in an English as Second (ESL) or Foreign Language classroom. Furthermore, you will obtain an accredited USA Student Advisory certification through the Innovations and Technical Services Foundation. We also offer additional certification services through the American Embassy if you plan to teach abroad. The USA Student Advisory TESL Specialist 160 Hr Certification course Teaching English as a Foreign or Second Language is a practical online class for classroom educators. It caters to Teachers or Volunteers presently engaged in teaching English or preparing to do so. The course outlines procedures and provides sample exercises and activities for: • Various listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills • Whole-class, small-group, online class, and individual engagement • Classroom assessments and readying students for national exams. It encompasses a wide array of teaching scenarios: • Primary and secondary schools, colleges, and universities • Corporate environments • Educational and work settings with limited instructional resources and those with ample support. • Any global or cultural context where TESL Teachers or Volunteers may operate. Additionally, you will learn about: • Health and safety considerations while teaching abroad, • Organizing your paperwork, • Transportation and travel logistics • Emergency protocols • Securing employment and permissions, and more.



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