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TESL Specialist 160 Hr Certification

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This course is designed to be easy to follow and prepare you to teach an "English as a Foreign Language" (EFL) class as quickly as possible. You will, after the completion of this course, have a strong understanding of what is required to provide quality instruction in an English as Second (ESL) or Foreign Language classroom. In addition, you will earn a creditable certification from the Innovations and Technical Services Foundation. TEFL/ESL: Teaching English as a Foreign or Second Language is for Teachers or Volunteers who are currently teaching or are about to teach English. It is a practical guide for the classroom teacher. The course describes procedures and offers sample exercises and activities for: • A wide range of listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills • Whole-class, small-group, online class, and individual participation • Classroom testing and preparing students for national examinations. It covers a great variety of teaching situations: • Primary and secondary schools, colleges, and universities • The office or workplace • School and work settings that have limited facilities for instruction and those which provide ample support. • Any geographical or cultural setting where TESL Teachers or Volunteers may be found. In addition, you will learn about • Health and safety when teaching abroad, • Preparing your documentation, • Transportation and travel • Emergency services • Accepting employment and permission




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