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The TEFL/ESP Specialist Certification Course

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This course is designed to be easy to follow and prepare you to teach an "English as a Foreign Language" (EFL) class as quickly as possible. You WILL, after the completion of this course, have a strong understanding of what is required to provide quality instruction in English as Second (ESL) or Foreign Language classrooms.


In addition, you will receive a certificate and letter of credibility that can be used efficiently throughout Asia, specifically China, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. The course is designed to also prepare you for traveling throughout Asian countries with many essentials you will need to find employment or volunteer opportunities.

The information you receive in this course has already been proven and accredited through many USA institutions and foreign training centers, universities, and colleges throughout Asia.


This is a must-have course if you intend to travel throughout Asia as either a backpack teacher or you want to find a suitable place for your learning experience. We also provide some excellent teaching material that you can bring along to get started with any age group.

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You, will, learn how to:

  • Teach  Business English

  • Teach TOEFL, IELTS & Many Other Examinations

  • Teach English to Young Learners (TEYL) 

  • English for Special Purposes (ESP)

  • Teach Hotel and Resort English

  • (Teach in Hotels and Resorts around the World)

30 Videos

3 Course Book

14 Supporting Course Books

Document File Storage

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Join Teacher Edward behind the scenes, a TEFL certification expert with 26+ years of professional experience teaching throughout Asia. Find out the secrets to employment or volunteering -where to stay, where to go.

Twice a month, you will have a One-hour private online class live from Vietnam.

Membership also includes a teacher workshop talk show every month with many special guests. Lifetime membership for our grand opening members

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USA Student Advisory offers excellent customer service. Their staff responded to all our questions and even made several suggestions along the way which improved our experience immensely. They have a very active and involved community and I would certainly recommend them.

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