Five Steps To Success In Everything You Do!

1. What you need first is to have a strong desire. A desire like a fire! Not like a bit of flame you have to stir to get some heat going. No, you need an intense craving; you must want to have what you are longing for! If you want something badly, but you didn’t get it until now, it is because your desire was not strong enough! You must feel the urge to have it in your bones, in your flesh, in your heart. The desire is the starting point because, without passion, nothing can happen.

2. Now, you need to set goals. Why know where to go! Without goals, your desire will get you nowhere, and you will turn around in circles like a dog who runs after his tail. A goal gives you a reason, a purpose. The word goal means to GO ALi the way to get there! Your goal is your direction where your desire will take you. If you can see with your mind’s eye what you want, you will have it. So the more details you see, the more concrete your mental image, the more likely you will get precisely what you long for! Goals get your energy running. Goals generate the necessary activity to bring you towards the realization of your dream. A good goal is a statement of what you want, in a positive, clear, concrete way and with emotion (remember the fire! Without emotion, without fire, no outcome!). A goal should be written down, give it more energy, and stated in the present time. You write your goal down as if you got it already. And start to act as if you were already there!

3. It would be best if you believe in yourself. You must be conscious that you are worthy of having what you desire and that you can get it, that you got everything you need to realize your dream. Yes, you can! Maybe you do not know how to get there but believe that you will learn how to do it step by step and that you will be guided on your way by coïncidences and synchronicity.

4. A strong desire, a clear positive goal, a strong belief in yourself, what else does it need to make your dreams come true? Positive thinking! The most beautiful dream, the strongest desire, and the most straightforward goal will bring you nowhere if you destroy yourself with a negative belief system.

If you have this lousy habit of seeing everything black than white, fearing the worst, or expecting bad things to happen, this mindset will bring you what you ask for: black, fear, evil. A positive attitude lifts you to the level of universal creation, and the universe will conspire with you to give you what you long for.

5. Consistency. Yes, it is easy to start things. It is easy to quit. But it takes character to stay on your road. Did you ever taste the freedom that lies in the fact that, after years and years of practicing the same thing, you became an expert in something? With your eyes closed, you can answer any question on the subject and produce almost any result you want? You are an expert now because you did the same thing hundreds of times, over and over again. And now you know! What freedom! Consistency, not giving up, always going on in the same direction, brings you freedom at last. Why? Because you don’t need to think and to search anymore on your subject. It becomes a habit, and you have space accessible in your mind to learn new, more demanding stuff. Stay on your road, go on and on; every step will take you to more freedom, happiness, and mastery of your life!

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